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Power up your existing workflow with model versioning, environment setup, and experiment reproducibility.

collaborate on model versions with peers

Setup up your environments in seconds

Use one of our preconfigured environments, or bring your own. Setup using a single command:
$ datmo environment setup

  • Use any number of files to define your environment:
    requirements.txt, Dockerfile, .bashrc, and more
  • Instantly spin up your favorite workspace with
    $ datmo notebook or $ datmo rstudio

collaborate on model versions with peers

View your experiments in one place

Compare metrics, model configurations, and task runs directly in your terminal with:
$ datmo ls

  • Easily reproduce any of your previous experiments with the
    $ datmo rerun command

  • Local dashboard for easy searching, filtering,
    and sorting of experiment logs


Turn your local models into dynamic cloud services and endpoints. Any cloud, any machine learning framework.

collaborate on model versions with peers

Easy deployments for new algorithms and experiments

Don't waste your data scientists' time writing ops code. Go from local script to deployed service with:
$ datmo deploy

  • Flexible and high performance serving system for
    machine learning models in production as APIs

  • Perform A/B testing over multiple algorithms
  • Dashboard to monitor and manage all services


Reliable scaling of infrastructure services for experiments, training, and inference.

collaborate on model versions with peers

Scale out inference code on any framework or cloud platform

Cloud infrastructure prices fluctuate constantly. Datmo enables you to seamlessly deploy cross-cloud for the lowest possible rate.

update your model versions

Autoscale based on latency and
throughput needs

Datmo ensures you're only ever paying for the resources you need. Set automated triggers and thresholds specific to your business use case.

collaborate on model versions with peers

Setup and monitor automated workflows

Your organization gets new data daily, begin leveraging that with automated retraining and model builds.

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